As the school year progresses, germs become more prevalent. Children are petri dishes of bacteria. Children carry colds, flu, and sometimes even head lice. According to statistics, the average American child can have anywhere from six to 10 colds each school year. And the common cold is the most common reason for children to visit the pediatrician’s office.


As far as head lice is concerned, there are anywhere from six to 12,000,000 cases that occur in school-age children each year. The reason that germs are so prevalent in the school environment is that many children are near one another, and they also have germy habits such as touching clean surfaces and putting their fingers into their mouths. Our experts at 12-15 Cleaning highly recommend that once the school year ends, the school must be given a deep cleaning.

Children Are Not in the Way of the Cleaners

When a school is deep cleaned, this process is expected to take several hours and can take place over several days since school buildings are large. Not to mention, mini school campuses contain multiple buildings. When deep cleaning takes place, a wide range of equipment is used. Equipment can include carpet cleaning machines, steam cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, floor scrubbers, and equipment that is used for buffering and polishing.


Deep cleanings are impossible to do during the school year because children are in the school building practically every day of the week. Children are even in the school buildings during the weekends because this is when they participate in several extracurricular activities.


When summer vacation begins, there are several weeks when children are not in the school building. During these weeks of child-free time, staff and faculty can work with a commercial cleaning service to deep clean the school. The commercial cleaning team can set up all their equipment and spread out as they need without worrying about children running, playing, and being in the way.

There Will Not Be Any Disruptions to Education

During summer break, there are several weeks when educational activities are not taking place. During this time, deep cleanings can take place without the worry of causing disruptions to education. And because there is no worry of disturbing education, cleaners can be thorough and take as much time as they need.


While janitorial staff sanitizes and cleans the school buildings throughout the year, schools can benefit from commercial cleaning services. The commercial cleaning staff is highly trained in sanitation procedures, and they use commercial cleaning equipment to do a thorough job.




If you want to get the school year off to a fresh start and provide students with a clean environment, contact 12-15 Cleaning in Sioux Falls for help. We are highly trained in cleaning all sorts of commercial establishments, and we promise to provide top-quality service.