Office buildings are high-traffic places. With so many people coming in and out on a daily basis—from employees and managers to delivery drivers and clients—it’s easy to notice the places that receive the most wear and tear. Everyone knows to regularly sanitize doorknobs, lightswitches, reception desks, and other surfaces that are considered high-touch. Restrooms and kitchens also get a lot of cleaning attention.

But what about the places that aren’t so often used—are they getting cleaned as regularly as they should? Continue reading to find out more about places and things you may be forgetting to clean!

Storage Rooms and Closets

Out of sight, out of mind—storage rooms tend to be the “junk drawer” of the office building. Not sure where to put something? Toss it in the storage room. That piece of furniture that’s broken, but you swear you’ll have time to fix it later? To the storage room! Storage rooms and closets can become a catch-all for all kinds of stuff if you don’t have a diligent cleaning and organization plan for them.

Organizing your storage room can make it a lot easier to find what you need down the road. Be sure to regularly schedule time to go through the items in the room and maintain a running inventory of them. Having an organized storage room means that you’ll never have to be embarrassed to open it up in front of an executive or a customer, and it also means that it’ll be easier to keep things clean inside. Regular dusting, for instance, will make taking things out of storage a much better experience since you won’t have to worry about clearing off a cloud of debris first.

Microwaves and Fridges

Sure, the surfaces in your office kitchen get cleaned regularly, but what about the inside of the appliances? How often is expired food removed from the fridge? What about that bottom-shelf spill that happened last year—did that ever get wiped up? What about the explosion in the microwave that everyone was waiting for someone else to take responsibility for?

The insides of your appliances reflect your take on the importance of cleanliness. Microwaves and refrigerators are both high-traffic areas in their own right, and they require regular cleaning to ensure that everyone’s lunchtime experiences are enjoyable. Taking time to clean these appliances will also help keep potential bad smells at bay, which aren’t always easy to eliminate once they’ve arrived.


While floors are usually vacuumed or mopped daily, baseboards tend to be neglected. It’s easy to ignore them since baseboards are so low-profile, but the fact is that because they’re angled or jut out, they collect dust very quickly. While very few people would inspect a baseboard upon entering your office building, the difference between a dirty and a clean baseboard can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of your space. Taking time, even once a month, to wipe down all baseboards with a damp cloth can make a huge difference in their cleanliness!

If you read this and thought, “I don’t have time for all that,” don’t worry—you’re not alone! Many office managers have a lot on their plate already and don’t have time to pay attention to the details of cleaning. That’s where 12-15 Cleaning comes in! Our team of pro cleaners can come into your office space on a schedule that works for you to clean, disinfect, and sanitize your space and make sure it’s ready for anything. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation!