Adequate restaurant cleaning is a must for any restaurant owner. Customers will decide whether or not to eat at your restaurant based on the cleanliness of the entrance, dining room, bathrooms, and kitchen. More importantly, if your restaurant fails to meet cleanliness standards, the local health inspection may pay a visit, issue a serious violation, and even shut it down.

The problem is that maintaining the level of cleanliness required for proper restaurant cleaning can be difficult in a busy restaurant. So, how do you manage your restaurant while adhering to cleaning standards? Continue reading to learn how!

Supplies Required

Cleaning will be simpler if you have the proper supplies on hand, and a health inspector will be sure to approve your cleaning procedures.

  • Mop
  • Broom
  • Floor cleaner
  • Sanitizer
  • “Wet Floor” warning sign
  • Glass cleaner
  • PPE for chemical cleans
  • Vacuum cleaner (for any carpeted areas)
  • Restroom cleaning supplies (bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, etc)

Having the correct supplies will make cleaning a lot easier than if you’re trying to get the job done with the wrong equipment.

Daily Checklist

While there are some cleaning tasks that can be accomplished on a weekly or monthly basis, in a busy restaurant, there are some chores that must be done each day. This is not only to ensure your restaurant is a pleasant place for customers but also to make sure your space is up to state health codes.

Multiple Times Per Day

  • Empty trash cans in restrooms and kitchen (and anywhere else you have a trash can)
  • Check bathrooms for cleanliness. Ensure no garbage is on the floor, all toilets are flushed, and the paper towel and soap dispensers are both full.
  • Disinfect common high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, menus, ketchup bottles, and more.
  • Change cleaning rags often to prevent bacterial build-up.
  • Clean glass surfaces that are smudged
  • Wipe down food prep counters and brush grills

End of Shift

The end of the day is an excellent time to thoroughly clean any areas that may have gone unnoticed during the day. Every menu, tabletop, chair, countertop, and the high-traffic area should be cleaned and sprayed down. Sweep and mop the floors as well.

The restrooms will need to be cleaned thoroughly after the restaurant closes. This includes cleaning the floors with disinfectant, wiping down the stall doors, and thoroughly cleaning the countertops, sinks, and toilets.

Deep fryers and grills must be cleaned and sanitized, and all prep tables, slicers, cutting boards, microwaves, utensils, and walk-in refrigerators must also be cleaned thoroughly. Label all food stored in the freezer and refrigerator with the date after wrapping it in plastic wrap. To make sure the kitchen floor is clean, sweep it first, then mop it, and finally vacuum the floor mats.

If you send your linens out for cleaning, toss all the soiled linens in a large bag for ease of pickup.

There is a lot that goes into keeping a restaurant clean and functional. While some duties need to be done multiple times per day, it may be hard to find the time necessary to complete thorough cleaning of the restaurant space every single night. This is where 12-15 Cleaning comes in. Our comprehensive restaurant cleaning services can ensure that your restaurant meets the necessary health standards. We take care of resetting your space so that you can return the next day to a clean and functional environment. For more information or to get a free estimate, get in touch with us today!