Your business is greatly impacted by how clean your bar is, especially how clean your customers think it is. Getting your bar cleaned may not be the most glamorous part of your business, but it’s important nonetheless. Not only do your customers not want to see you preparing their drinks in a messy space, but maintaining a clean bar will also improve your performance.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Bar Cleaning Service for Your Bar

1.    Get the Task Completed Without Interruptions

Your customers are always looking for a comfortable setting where they can unwind and enjoy their meals and drinks. Cleaning always creates noise, and if you try to do it when they are trying to relax, they can feel disturbed. However, if you employ a reputable cleaning service, they won’t be coming to your location during business hours. They will arrive either at the end of each night or first thing in the morning, and they will finish the work well before you are open the following day.

2.    No Stress

Successfully managing a bar is not an easy task. The stress of cleaning your establishment every day can be removed by contracting with professionals. You don’t even have to ask your staff to help you clear the mess. And instead, you can let them peacefully execute their own jobs, which won’t just improve their job satisfaction, but performance as well!

3.    Thorough Cleaning by Professionals

You need to be aware that your staff members are not trained cleaners. The bar hostesses can provide excellent customer service; however, they may not be able to [perfectly sterilize the restrooms. Therefore, it is usually preferable to get into a contract with a reputable bar cleaning service with cutting-edge equipment and experience.

How Often Should You Hire Professional Bar Cleaners

Daily Bar Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning glasses, replenishing beer coolers with cans and bottles, removing trash, and other chores should all be part of a daily cleaning routine.

Weekly Checklist for Bar Cleaning

Weekly cleaning duties should include things like power washing floor mats, clearing out and cleaning reach-in coolers, cleaning shelving units, and more.

Deep-Cleaning Checklist for Bars

Since deep cleaning is comprehensive, there are a few special things to consider when creating your checklist.

Among the biweekly deep-cleaning duties are:

  • Changing beer lines
  • Clean any refrigerators, empty the contents, and use Windex to clean the glass.

Some monthly deep-cleaning tasks include:

  • Clear the shelves of all bottles and glassware, then clean the entire shelving arrangement.
  • Clean and empty the freezers.

Among the bimonthly deep cleaning tasks are:

  • Cleaning and cleaning the decor and light fittings
  • Clean and polish the floor.
  • Espresso machine maintenance

However, there is more to say about cleaning beer lines because it is not always obvious when you need to do so. So a routine should be set for the professional cleaners to clean up as per daily, weekly and monthly requirements.

12-15 Cleaning is here to help when your bar needs assistance with cleaning. We go above and beyond standard cleaning services to re-energize your staff and customers, so contact us today! Our professional commercial cleaning staff in Sioux Falls knows what it takes to keep a facility spotless, from routine cleanings to deep cleans and seasonal services.