For many people, the office is where they spend the majority of their time—second only to home. So, naturally, the office shouldn’t only be a place for people to show up and work, but it should also be a space that is welcoming and comfortable for both employees and clients.

There are many strategies for making your office space more inviting. Things like a usable and updated kitchen, comfy chairs in common areas, and sit/stand desks are simple upgrades that can go a long way in increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. But one of the most valuable parts of office habitability also happens to be the most overlooked—the importance of regular cleaning!

Office Spaces Need Cleaning, Too

Nobody enjoys going to a messy, disorganized, or dirty home. The chaos contributes to an unsettled feeling, whether or not the person can name it. Offices are no different! Coming into an unclean, messy office building can leave an impression of unease that can have negative effects on well-being and productivity, too! When you clean your office space regularly, you’re not only contributing to a healthier work environment, but you’re also sending the message to everyone that you care about details and “don’t skimp on the small stuff”.

How Often Do I Need to Clean?

Your cleaning schedule will depend on the type of cleaning that needs to be done. While at home you may clean your bathroom once a week, and maybe vacuum twice a week—or twice a month—offices see far more footfall than your home, so cleaning needs to happen more frequently. Basic cleaning activities like dusting, vacuuming/mopping (depending on the flooring type), restroom cleans, and disinfecting surfaces that people touch often should happen daily. Deep cleaning activities such as carpet shampooing and hardwood/tile floor cleaning should happen at least once per year, although twice a year is ideal. “In-between” tasks like window washing should take place at least a few times per month.

Do I Need to Handle All the Cleaning on My Own?

Definitely not! You’re busy running a business. While it might make sense to do your own cleaning at first to save on costs while getting your business off the ground, once you have a larger office and more employees, cleaning becomes a time-waster rather than a cost-saver.

That’s where commercial cleaning services come in.

What Are the Advantages of a Commercial Cleaning Service?

Hiring a professional cleaning service means that you no longer have to worry about all of the cleaning tasks that need to be done, and you can focus more on what you do best—growing your business! You can schedule the cleaning service to come in according to what works best for your business. Do your employees go home at 5 pm? You can schedule the cleaners to arrive at 5:15 so everyone arrives to a sparkling-clean office the next day.

Ready to hand over cleaning duties to a professional service? 12-15 Cleaning is Sioux Fall’s premier commercial cleaning service. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!