As a successful real estate professional, you use every advantage to get the sales you need. But times come when you need outside assistance to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. For instance, help from a cleaning service can increase the buyer interest in the facilities you show, boost the value of your presented properties, and differentiate you from the competition.


Along with these perks, there are additional benefits to hiring a professional cleaner for residences you want to sell. Keep reading below to learn more.

Enhanced Skill

If you spruce up an establishment by cleaning it yourself, you may not get the results you hope to attain. Your specialty lies in highlighting the benefits of a location and providing guidance through buying or selling properties. When you step outside of these skills, you can get poor results and feel frustrated by the extra work you are taking on. Instead, you can let a professional cleaner use their experience and knowledge to provide a superior clean while you focus on the area you shine at the most.

Better Presentation

You will deter potential buyers if you post pictures of a messy or dirty property. Because of the untidy environment, they may question your taste and abilities to find what they need. To protect your reputation and offer a better presentation, you should get help from a commercial cleaning team. Before snapping pictures of the residence or conducting any tours, allow them to make the space more suitable for your clients.

Quicker Results

When trying to beat your competition in getting a property sold, you must act quicker than them to get the sale. If you send a staff member or use a local task service to clean away any mess, you may get delayed in showing the estate. A commercial cleaning team has the technique and proven system for quicker results. The associates with these organizations have specialized training to deliver premium cleaning results in a shorter amount of time.

Higher Revenue

You know that getting the highest profits from your work means keeping your expenses low. It may seem like you save money by skipping on cleaning services, but you could incur added costs instead. The time you spend on advertising, gas, photography, and promotional material can get wasted if a property doesn’t appear at its best. In the end, you may not get the final price you wanted.


Hence, potential buyers may think a higher price is worthwhile if they can see the location in optimal condition.




To get quicker turnarounds and higher profits, it often helps to partner with a commercial cleaning service in Sioux Falls, like our team at 12-15 Cleaning. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your current cleaning needs and how we can help. Contact us today for more information.