Hiring professional cleaning services is key to keeping your commercial building clean. At 12-15 Cleaning, we offer premium commercial cleaning services to businesses in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and surrounding areas. We are a reputable cleaning services company with a proven track record. We have countless reasons why you should hire us for your cleaning needs; here are just a few of them.

Affordable Cleaning Services

12-15 Cleaning offers high-quality services at affordable prices. We will cater to all of your cleaning needs at competitive costs to accommodate your budget. Our cleaning rates are transparent and depend on the type of cleaning you want. The prices also depend on the cleaning duration you select. We are sure to have a service that works for you!

Flexible Cleaning Services

We understand that time is valuable in any business. Therefore, we provide flexible cleaning solutions depending on your schedule. We can offer one-time cleaning services as well as every day, weekly and monthly services. In addition, we can clean your business before you open or come after working hours to ensure our cleaning services don’t interfere with your operations.

Proper Cleaning Equipment

At 12-15 Cleaning, cleaners have access to a wide range of cleaning equipment that can handle any task. This includes microfiber rags and cloths, high-quality cleaning sprays, restroom cleaning tools, and floor cleaning equipment. These tools enable our cleaners to address all of your concerns and conduct a thorough cleaning in your business.

Customized Cleaning Services

Having dealt with a wide range of clients, 12-15 Cleaning is aware that different clients have varying cleaning needs and preferences. For that reason, we offer customized cleaning services to meet the needs of our different clients. Our team of talented cleaners will clean your restaurant, bar, or office based on your specifications. Just tell us the kind of cleaning you want, and we will be happy to do it!

Bonded, Licensed and Insured Services

You will have peace of mind when you hire us to clean your business. That’s because we are bonded, licensed, and insured to operate in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. Our insurance will take care of any injury issues and property damage incidents should they arise.

Stellar Customer Service

At 12-15 Cleaning, our customers are our top priority. Therefore, we offer outstanding customer service to give you a great experience. Besides offering satisfactory, top-notch cleaning services, we provide professional services in all areas from booking to follow-up. Our booking system is seamless, allowing you to book a cleaning session in just a few clicks, and our representatives are professional and friendly when dealing with clients.

Bottom Line

These are the top reasons you should hire 12-15 Cleaning for your office sanitation. Our team is always ready to work! Contact us today to get a quote and receive more information about our services!